cracked vst plugins

Download links for the best VST plugins!

I would like to share with you guys my favourite “warez” site where you can download the best vst plugins for free. There are free vst plugins and Paid “cracked ” ones. Honestly why would you mess with free plugins when you can get the best ones for completly free. When i say the best ones i mean: Nexus 2, Gladiator 2,Omnisphere,trilian,native instruments massive,Maschine,Kontakt, basicly everything is available what you can imagine.

The site called Its a relatively new site, but these guys had some similar sites in the past and i never had any problem with their softwares. Iam not sure who cracks them, but iam 100% sure that they dont upload anything without checking it first…These plugins are available on many sites btw…you can also torrent them, but i wouldnt recommend it ,since torrents are damn slow and some kids sometimes rename the torrent you basicly download something total irrelevant. After 5-6 days of waiting getting something totally different is kinda annoying. If you are looking for the best vst plugins then check that site out, they also have a huge collection of daw softwares.


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